Emergency Senate Meeting - Tues. 4/7 @ 9PM, Red Room

The (4/7) Emergency Meeting will begin at 9:00PM in the Red Room and will most likely run past midnight. Below is the proposed agenda for the evening:

    1. 1415-106 PSGA Poster Policy Revisions, PSGA Steering Committee
    2. 1415-106A PSGA Public Relations Bylaw Revision, PSGA Steering Committee
    3. 1415-107 PSGA Finance Bylaw RevisionsPSGA Steering Committee
    4. 1415-104 Gender Neutral Bathrooms, Natasha Green, Steven Smith, Senators for the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    5. 1415-105 Public Display of Senate Agendas and Voting Records Moss Robeson; Natasha Green, Senator for the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    6. 1415-101 Beachwood Sale to Benefit StudentsJoseph Bissonnette, Senator of the Olde
    1. 1415-108 Committee Composition RevisionsPSGA Steering Committee
    2. 1415-113 Billiards and Table Tennis, Cheree Fraser, Senator of Big Haus
    3. SUNY SA Resolutions
      1. 1415-63 Rational Tuition
      2. 1415-65 Resolution for SUNY Undergraduate Student Governments to Support Governor Cuomo's Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Resolution
      3. 1415-66 Resolution to Investigate Alternative, Permanent Funding for University Volunteer Ambulance Services
      4. 1415-67 Emergency Procedure Memorandum
      5. 1415-68 Resolution to Demand Action on Climate Change
      6. 1415-69 Resolution to Support Annual Renewal of Resolutions Supported by the SUNY Student Assembly
      7. SUNY SA – Spring 2015 Bylaw Edits (unapproved by the Executive Committee)
    4. Discussion on Acts of Vandalism
    5. Discussion on Greek Life at Purchase College

All SUNY SA Resolutions can be reviewed here:


Fight With Us For Blood Donor Equality!

For over 30 years the FDA has had a permanent ban against men who have had sex with men from donating blood. There is also a 12 month deferral for women who have had sex with men who have had sex with men from donating blood. This ban was put in place due to fear of HIV and AIDS transmission through blood transfusions. According to the FDA the chance of acquiring HIV from a blood transfusion is 1 in 2 million and the detection of HIV.AIDS is more precise and accurate today.

The SUNY Student Assembly and Purchase COllege student Senate have adopted a document urging the FDA to lift the ban and allow for Blood Donor Equality across the board. 

WIth that in mind we ask you to sign and fight with us for Blood Donor Equality!

Name *

On The Agenda: Senator Appointments and Vigil Kits

    1. 1415-95 Fort Awesome PrinterAnjelica Mitlitsky, Senator for the School of the Arts
    1. 1415-96 Appointment of McKenna Plec-Cook to SOA Senator, Chairman O'Rourke
    2. 1415-97 Appointment of Demetrius McCray to Crossroads Senator, Chairman O'Rourke
    3. 1415-98 Manhattanville Thank You Letter, Joseph Bissonnette, Senator of Crossroads
    4. 1415-99 Resignation of Senator Billy Manton, William Manton, Senator for the School of the Arts
    5. 1415-100 Vigil Kit, Joseph Chiavaro, Kinga Toth, Senators for Off Campus Students

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