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Anime Club

Where: CCN 0016
When: Wednesday 8-10PM
Advisor: Adam Resnick
Who: Co-President: Jonathan Mendez
Treasurer: Devin Douglas
Secretary: Ambar Gil Polanco

American Sign Language

Where: Fort Awesome 136
When: Friday 6:30-7:30PM
Advisor: Thomas Gelok
Who: President: Eugene Posniewski
Vice President: Hailey Marino
Tresaurer: Victor Dinitto
Secretary: Jessica Yost

Anthropology Club

Where: Humanities Buidling Room 1042
When:Tuesday, 6pm
Advisor: Lorraine Plourde
Who: President: Noemi Dejesus
Tresaurer:Michael Bianco


The purpose of Aperture is to gather photography enthusiasts at Purchase College and to provide a platform for photo critique and exchange of experiences. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings regardless of experience. Members will gain experience in the digital and film camera and its controls, printing, displaying works, etc.

Where: Digital Lab, VA 0012
When: Monday, 6 PM
Advisor: N/A President: David Weber
Treasure: David Weber
Vice President: Kelsey Sucena

Art Co-op

The Art Co-op is for anyone who wants to collected donated or discarded materials. You can recycle any old or unused art materials and find affordable supplies for creative projects. Also the Art Co-op encourages sustainable habits and a place for creative thinkers throughout the campus community.

Where: The Stood
When: Thursday, 9-11 PM; Friday 6-9 PM
Who: Jen Parry


C.A.N.D.I.E.S. provides opportunities for safe, fun activities on the weekends at Purchase. We work with multiple other clubs, organizations, and services in order to entertain our students beyond the traditional party or event.

Where: DMZ Library
When: Wednesday 5:00pm
Who: President: Rachel Chabot
Vice President: Keturah Jordan t
Treasurer: Kerry LeVille
Secretary: Alexandra Capizola

Cheese Club facebook

Cheese Club is an organization created to introduce students to gourmet cheeses and their effective pairings. The club is open to all who wish to understand and enjoy the full palate palate-pleasing potential of one of the most sublime, naturally healthful, and richly varied gastronomical delights.

Where: The Commuter Lounge
When: Thursday, 10 PM
Advisor: Antony Ware
Who: President: Megan Wiggers
Treasurer: Katherine Steen


facebook twitter

A safer space for queer-identified people and allies to break stereotypes, is sex positive and studies alternative sexualities. Speakers, workshops, discussions, and knowledge.

Where: Commuter Lounge
When: Tuesday, 10 PM
Advisor: Shontay Richardson
Who: Co-President: Jae Carino
Co-President: Jen Sinski Treasurer:Aren Landau
Secretary: Danielle Woolis
PR: Qhris Locasto
Events Coordinator: Dana Burns
CoCOs Representative: Sasha Rodriquez


The club meets the 1st and 3rd week in the Red Room and the 2nd and 4th week in CCN 0016

Where:CCN 0016
When: Wednesday, 6:30PM
Who: President: Hailey Angelico
Treasurer: Owen Arthur
Secretary: Anjelica Mitlitsky

Disabled Students’ Union

When: Friday 2:30-3:30PM
Where: SPARC Room
Advisor: Chrys Ingraham
Who: Co-President:David Cusack Johnson
Co-President: Emet Tauber
Treasurer: Michelle Mitchell
Events Coordinator: Derick Ansah
Secretary: Danissa Santos


When: Wednesday 6:00PM
Where: Room 1018 SSC Room 1018
Advisor: Dr. Liyah Palagashvili
Who: President:Charissa Mosca
Vice President: James Czerniawski
Treasurer: Desiree Dewysocki
Membership Director: Adam Woodly
Secretary: Ruth Oviedo
Media and Marketing Director: Derick Ansah

Electrical Engineering

When: Tuesday 9:00PM
Where: Visual Arts Building Room 2012
Advisor: Dr. Liyah Palagashvili
Who: President:Eric Shekerjian
Treasurer: Michael (Mike) Turnwall

Film Society facebook

Film Society is a place for film enthusiasts to convene, watch, and discuss films that they would not normally be engaged with, much less view in a semi-theater setting.

Where: Choral Hall
When: Sundays, 7 PM
Advisor: Anne Kern
Who: President: Kyle Pletcher
Vice President: Dustin Joseph
Treasurer: Erin Ferrell
Secretary:Joseph (Joey) Katz

F.O.R.T.H. facebook twitter

FORTH is devoted to pursuing feminist causes. We believe patriarchal institutions harm not only women but impede the advancement of those who lack total access to privilege and/or power.

Where: Humanities Room 2031
When: Thursdays, 8-9:30 PM
Who: Co-President: Phoenix Robertson
Co-President: Erica Lubman
Treasurer: Cassidy Hammond
Secretary: George “River” Russ
PR: Christopher “Qhris” LoCasto
Events Coordinator: Yara Berger
Outreach Coordinator:Christy Marfia
Outreach and P.R. Team: Rachel Burwell, River Russ, Rowan Oleary

Gamers United instagram facebook

A place where the large college gaming community can meet to discuss and play video, card, tabletop, board, et al. games, create new social bonds, and enjoy the best possible gaming experience. Lets be a Family!

Where: Commuter Lounge
When: Monday, 7 PM - 10 PM
Advisor: Alyssa Rosado
Who:President: Emmali Corcoran
Vice President: Devin Douglas
Treasurer:Robert Scott

Green Team

Where: Commuter Lounge
When: Monday 6:00PM
Advisor: Ryan Taylor
Who: President: Batya Johnson
Tresurer: Max Rebhun
Public Relations: Raymond (Ray) Higgins


Where: CCN 0024 Fort Awesome
When: Thursdays, 10pm
Advisor: N/A Mariel Rodney
Who: President: Najee Ann-Walthrust
Treasurer: Stephanie Opper


Where: CCN 0024 Fort Awesome
When: Monday 9:00PM
Hours of Operation: Thursdays, 12:00-3
Advisor: Antony Ware
Editor in Chief:Nina Braca
Managing Editor: Bruce Hamiliton
Who: President: Najee Ann-Walthrust

Hillel link

Hillel is the hub of Jewish life here at Purchase College. With committed students and dedicated staff, Hillel is a growing presence on campus served by three full-time professionals. We seek to address all aspects of Jewish life. Hillel offers opportunities to take part in Jewish Education, Israel programs, tzedek (social justice) efforts, and Jewish prayer and festival celebrations. Each semester, we welcome a variety of Jewish bands, speakers and cultural performers. We are open for students to spend time on our cozy overstuffed couches or in our kosher kitchen. Please stop by and visit us! Free bagels and lox lunch at every meeting.

Where: CCN Room 0003
When: Wednesday 12-2PM
Advisor: Rachel Klein,Mallory Kovit
Who: President: Rebecca Nussbaum
Vice President: Jared Waters
Programming Board: Emet Tauber
Engagement Board: Jason Wieder
Secretary: Stacie Kaufmam

Hip-Hop Club

Where: CCN 0016
When: Monday, 10 PM
Who:President:Devon Pascal-Seward
Treasurer: Madison Hartke-Weber
Secretary: Oriana Gonzalez
CoCOs Representative: Wisdom Johnson
PR: Adam Burns

Improv Club vine

Hello internet-surfing improv enthusiast! The Improv Club is a fun group of friends who meet to polish their ‘prov skills and have a good laugh in the process. Come on in for a big batch of completely improvised comedy.

Where: Stood at the Cinema Room
When: Sunday, 4 PM
Who: Co-President: Virginia Edinger, Heidi Sweeney
Treasurer: Alexander Orandello
Secretary/PR: Jordan Schmidt

Latinos Unidos

instagram facebook twitter L.U. is here to create a community up in Purchase College. We discuss various Latino issues around the world and the influence it has on American culture. It is an opportunity for students of Hispanic and non-Hispanic descent to learn and interact with one another, sharing heritages, cultural backgrounds, and different identities.

Where: CCN 0016
When: Tuesday, 10 PM
Who: President: Julia Morales
Vice President/Treasurer:Justin Brown
Secretary:Ashley Allen
PR: Lorena Peralta
PSGA Liason: Keturah Jordan


Where: Library Room 0001
When: Wednesday 7-8PM
Advisor: Kathleen McCormick
Who: President:President: Jordan Handler
Treasurer: Samuel Land


Where: N/A
When: N/A
President: Rebecca Weeks

Musical Theater Club

facebook facebook tumblr An innovative and diverse club bringing musicals to the Purchase community.

Where: Choral Hall
When: Wednesday, 10pm
Who: President: Victor Knight DiNitto
Advisor: Michael Garber
Vice President:Emily Leopold
Treasurer:Nicole Ehrhard
Secretary:Jonathan Mannato
Social Media/PR: Abbie Martin

Model United Nations at Purchase

Where: Library Room 0001
When: Wednesday 7-8PM
Who: President: Jordan Handler
Treasurer: Samuel Land

Muslim Students Association

Where: CCN 0016
When: Biweekly on Monday, 2:15 PM
Advisor: Shemeeman Abass
Who: President:Ayesha Alirahi
Vice President:Yassmein Jamil
Treasurer: Yassmein Jamil


Where: CCN 0016
When: Thursday, 2:00 PM
Who: President:Jordan Handler
Vice President:Cameron Bish
Treasurer:Craig Kuhnert

Mt. Olympus

Where: Whitson's in the Stood
When: Thursday 11th, 7-8PM
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 4-10
Service Head: Jacob Buckner
Who: President: Jordan Handler
Treasurer: Samuel Land
Advisor: Antony Ware
Service Head:  Jacob Buckner

Planned Parenthood At Purchase

Where: CCN 1013
When: Tuesday, 8:00 PM
Who: Co-President:Caitlin Blunnie
Co-President:Kurt Liniger


Where: CCN 1014-A
When: N/A
Advisor: Curtis St. John
Service Head: Stephen Schiff

The Organization of African People in the Americas (O.A.P.I.A.)
tumblr facebook instagram

To further the acceptance of African culture in America while promoting the unification and celebration of all people. To endorse empowerment and fight ignorance.

Where: CCN 0016
When: Thursday, 10 PM
Who: President:Bryant Alexander
Advisor: Kamaro Abubakar
Treasurer:Marquise WIlson
Secretary:Kukuwa Ashun
Cocos Rep: Naomi Galarza
PR Major:Jason Guevera

Philosophy Club

Where: Red Room, The Clearview Lounge
When: Email Ian Quinntimes
Who: President:Ian Quinn
Advisor: Morris Kaplan
Treasurer:Melanie Case

Purchase Production Assistant Club

Where: Natural Sciences Room 1001
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:15PM
Advisor: Paula Halperin
Who: President: Brandon Palacios
Vice President: Felicity Bell
Treasurer:Hatuey Rodriguez
Secretary:Kayle Hill

Purchase Phoenix

Where: Red Room, The Clearview Lounge
When: Email Ian Quinntimes
Who: President:Ian Quinn
Advisor: Donna Cornachio
Editor in Chief: Jennifer Turiano
Photo Editor: David Weber
Managing Editor: N/A
Webmaster: Megan Haug
Treasurer:Melanie Case

Planned Parenthood

Where: CCN 0016
When: Wednesday, 7PM
Advisor: Professor Clifford
Who: President:Gabrielle Ecevaverrieta, Amanda Alperin
Vice President: Melissa Stiller
Treasurer:Caitlin Blunnie
Secretary:Meg Zulch
Representative: Danny Smith
Representative: Madeline (Maddy) Krol

Poor Choice Picture Show

Where:CCS, Southside
When: Sunday 7:00PM
Who: President: Anjelica Mitlitsky
Advisor: Peter Sprague
Treasurer: Stephanie Opper
Secretary: Taylor Johnson
CoCOs Rep: Caitlin Aulet

Psychology Club

Where: NS 1001
When: Biweekly on Wednesdays at 8:00PM
Advisor: Megan Curtis
Who: Co-President: Katherine Olmstead,Noah Griffith
Treasurer:Noah Griffith

Purchase Comics United facebook

We meet weekly to discuss the many values of graphic mediums and shatter preconceptions on the notions of comic-fanhood. We are open to all who are interested.

Where: Red Room
When: Tuesdays 7:00-8:00PM
Who:President:Joseph Bisonnette
Treasurer:Jeff Cabera

Purchase EMS

Where: Email Stephen Schiff
When:Email Stephen Schiff
Who:President:Stephen Schiff

Purchase Media Group

Purchase Media Group is the umbrella service that includes The Load (print publication), The Phoenix (online presence), and the podcast. Our goal is to use these different services to distribute information, news, art, events that pertain to and are of interest to Purchase College’s student body.

Where: CCN Basement Purchase Media Group Office
When: Tuesday at 9 PM
Who: Wendy Faiola

Purchase Media Group (The Phoenix) link facebook twitter

The Phoenix is the online publication within Purchase Media Group. The staff covers breaking news, arts, sports, and other campus-related activities. We also incorporate video pieces into our stories.

Where: Journalism Suite at the Library
When: Monday, 7 PM
Who:Media Coordinator of PMG: Julie Alegado
Print Editor: Nina Braca
Digital Editor: Jennifer Turiano
Layout Editor: Lucia Urbanic
Photo Editor: David Weber
Printing Manager Editor:Bruce Hamilton


Where: Basement of CCN
When: Thursday, 10PM
Live Production Manager: Hannah Sheinkopf
Public Relations Manager: Jon Richardson (He/Him)
Programming Manager: Daniel Rosensweet (He/Him)
Coordinating Manager: Kallan McMillan (She/Her)
Advisor: Iris Cahn
Who: Co-President: Katherine Olmstead,Noah Griffith
Treasurer:Noah Griffith


Where: Red Room
When: Tuesday 9:30PM
Advisor: Geovanna Borden
Who: President:Amber Fraser
Treasurer: Demetrius McCray
Secretary: Jillian Dolan
Vice President: Moss Robeson
Public Relations: Edyn Getz

Role Playing Games Association (RPGA)

Where: CCN 0014
When: Thursday, 6:30 PM
Who: President: Tytiana Browne
Treasurer: Ian Humphries

Rough Secs

Where: Library Mac Labs
When: Wednesday, 8:30 PM
Who: President: Brianne Mallo
Vice President: Daniel Fabricant
Treasurer: Lukas Chin

Sociology Club instagram

To provide and facilitate a place for activities and community organizers at SUNY Purchase. Sociology Club offers an opportunity to turn thought into action for Sociology majors and non-majors alike. We are empowering students to discuss their academic curriculum with their peers in a non-academic setting to further social understanding.

Where: SS SPARC Room
When: Monday, 8:30 PM
Who: President: Samuel Barna
Vice President: Isabella Sarrapochiello
Treasurer: Ramona Mitchell

Students of Caribbean Ancestry (S.O.C.A.) instagram facebook link

To promote Caribbean culture and to encourage diversity.

Where: CCN 0016
When: Wednesday, 10 PM
Who: President: Jada Cheek
Treasurer:Jada Cheek
Secretary: Ashley Sangster, Rafael Reyes
Public Relations Team: Keiry Sanchez,Quebillah Perry, Marjorie Prophete
CoCOs Rep: Ralph Fernandez

Students for a Sensible Drug Policy

Where: The Red Room
When: n/a
Who: President: Samuel Land

Stand-Up Comedy Club

Where: N/A
When: N/A
Who: President: Oona O’Brien
Co-President: Zachary Brida
Co-President: Samuel Perdek
Treasurer: Joshua Nasser
Public Relations: Derek Sherry
Public Relations: Nicole Kaouris

Submissions Magazine facebook twitter link

We curate and publish student/faculty/alumni-submitted work such as paintings, photographs, sculpture, music, video, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, et al..

Where:CCN 0024
When: Monday, 8:00-10:00PM (appointments can be made via Email)
Who:Editor in Chief: Lindsay Seiber
Advisor: Steven Lambert
Service Head: Tessa Goode
Service Head: Lindsey Sieber
Layout Editor: Tessa Goode


Where: Dhall Farside 018
When: 4:00-1:00am Sunday-Thursday Friday 4-12:00
Who: President: Aimee Neufeld
Engineer: Erica Vitucci
Weekly Meeting: Natural Sciences Room 1007
Advisor: Joe McKay
Manager: Aimee Neufeld
Programming: Dustin Joseph
Plublic Relations: Kenneth Miller