Create Your Own Club


You are now on your way to creating a new club or service. This page will give you all the information that you need! Use it as your checklist. 

Pick up a packet

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  • Your first step is to meet with the Coordinator of Clubs, Organizations and Services (CoCOaS). Please email them at to set up a meeting. 
  • You must get 100 PSGA members signatures as a sign of support for the club. The form for this is attached in this packet. 
  • You must find people to run the group with you. This would constitute as your executive board.
  • You must have a general interest meeting.
  • You must create a charter (a sample can be found in this packet.) Once your charter is complete please set up a meeting with the CoCOaS so that is can be looked over. 
  • The charter will then go to Steering Committee for approval. 
  • If you are creating a club once your charter is approved by Steering you must go to the Council of clubs organizations and services for final approval.
  • If you are a creating a Service once your charter is approved by Steering you must go to Service Board, and if approved Senate.
  • If you are a Service you must draft a budget. If you are forming a club, you will be allocated $50 to begin with.