Executive Board Positions


The President of the PSGA serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the student government, as well as the Chief Representative and advocate on behalf of the entire student body. The PSGA President meets weekly with senior college administrators, faculty and staff to ensure the greatest possible freedom of action for all PSGA members and recognized groups. Responsible for ensuring equal access for students in all programs and activities, promoting active student involvement in campus governance and appointing students to various college committees – the President of the PSGA, along with the Executive Board is here to be the voice of the students of Purchase College.

The PSGA President is the chair of the PSGA Executive Board and the Civic Actions Committee. Civic Actions is charged with carrying out projects initiated by the Senate to better improve campus life. 

Chair of the Student Senate

The Chair of Senate serves at the Chief Operations Officer of the student government, as well as the Chairman of the Student Senate. The Chairman, in the event of an emergency where the President cannot fulfill their duties shall assume the duties of interim-president until such a time as the President is able to act. The Chair of Senate is responsible for ensuring the execution of motions passed by the Senate, and shall relay all motions and recommendations to the proper college associations, offices and committees. It is the duty of the Chairman to train all newly elected/appointed Senators, and serve as the executive supervisor of the Secretary of the Senate, Chair of the Green Fee and the PSGA Office Manager.

The Chair of Senate is the chairman of the Student Senate, the Steering Committee and the Elections Committee. Steering is charged with reviewing the internal operations of the PSGA as well as approving new club, organization or service charters or any amendment to PSGA governing documents.

Coordinator of Clubs, Organizations, & Services

The Coordinator of Clubs, Organizations and Services (CoCOaS) serves as the chair of the Council of Clubs & Organizations as well as the Service Board. These organizations are responsible for approving the addition of new PSGA groups after they’ve been passed by the Steering Committee, the allocation of the Council’s general fund, as well as the promotion of clubs to organization status. The CoCOaS serves as the overseer and executive supervisor of all club, org and service operations and personnel including paid service directors and subsequent interns. The CoCOas, in the event of an emergency where the Chair of Senate cannot fulfill their duties shall assume the duties of interim-chairman until such a time the Chairman is able to act.

Coordinator of Finance

The Coordinator of Finance serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the student government. They are responsible for signing all contracts and letters of agreements on behalf of the PSGA, as well as keeping a current and public account of all financial transactions. The Coordinator of Finance shall be responsible for communicating with all persons involved in financial decisions for the PSGA including the training of club, organization and service treasurers. They shall be charged with the enforcement of all financial policies and procedures and is the chief investigator for whistleblower infractions. The annual budget is prepared in the spring semester by the Coordinator in consultation with the Finance Committee and the PSGA Business Manager for the upcoming academic year. The finance coordinator is the executive supervisor of the Assistant to the Business Manager. 

Chaired by the Coordinator of Finance, the Finance Committee is charged with the annual budget of the PSGA, all its proposed allocations, and all its proposed re-allocations.

Coordinator of Public Affairs

The Coordinator of Public Affairs (COPA) serves as the Chief Communications Officer of the student government. The COPA is responsible for centralizing, archiving and publicizing any document the PSGA creates or has created. In conjunction with the Public Relations Committee, the COPA shall bring forth new ideas to help increase the awareness about the PSGA’s identity, provide public access to all meetings, agendas and minutes as well as stimulate community interest in the PSGA by promoting awareness of the resources the PSGA provides to the college and the student body. The COPA shall also regulate and monitor the press releases, branding, social media, marketing, marketing planning, communications and publicity of the PSGA. 

The Coordinator of Public Affairs is the executive supervisor of the Public Relations Associate and the PSGA Webmaster; and serves as the chair of the Public Relations Committee. Public Relations Committee is responsible for making studies, surveys and reports regarding campus opinions sand views available to all branches of the PSGA as well as publicizing PSGA sponsored programs and organizations.

Student Activities Coordinator

The Student Activities Coordinator (SAC) serves as the chair of the Student Activities Board and the executive supervisor of the Major Events and General Programming departments, the Student Center and Tech Services. The SAC acts as the liaison between the Major Events Coordinator (MEC), General Programming Coordinator (GPC) and the Student Center Coordinator to the Executive and Legislative branches. Reporting to these branches relating to all matters concerning programming, the SAC shall represent the Student Activities Board in all matters of the PSGA. The SAC shall serve as the Chief Diversity Officer in regards to programming opportunities. In the event that the MEC or GPC are unable to perform their duties or is removed from office, the SAC shall act as the interim coordinator until such a time that the Senate may appoint a replacement.