New York Public Interest Research Group


NYPIRG, the New York Public Interest Research Group, is the state’s largest and most effective totally student-directed organization with chapters on 20 college campuses across the state. For the past 40 years, NYPIRG has been building student power through grassroots organizing and advocacy, public education, and offering students countless opportunities to become civically engaged members of the campus community (and beyond!) and to develop the skills needed to create lasting positive social change. 

NYPIRG's campaigns include:

>>Higher Education Affordability
<<Hunger & Homelessness Outreach
>>Clean Air & Energy//Recycling
<<Consumer Advocacy
>>Voter Mobilization

On-campus internships for academic credit are available every semester. 

>>>To learn more about NYPIRG & to get involved come to our Weekly Chapter Meetings every Tuesday at 7:00pm in CCN0025<<<

Meeting Info for this semester:
--Chapter Meetings (General Interest): Tuesdays at 5 in CCN 0004
--Environmental Protection: Tuesdays at 4 in CCN 0004
--Higher Education: Tuesdays at 7 in CCN 0004
--Hunger & Homelessness Outreach: Wednesdays at 6 in CCN 0004
--Consumer Protection: Thursdays at 5 in CCN 0004

Radio Show:
Activism 101 Thursdays 6-7 on WPSR

Contact Purchase NYPIRG's Project Coordinator, Alex(andria) Wojcik, anytime:
Office: CCN0004 (Hub Basement)
Phone: 914-251-6986