End of the Relationship

Clearing customers after a holiday with nothing more than a broken heart is seldom the dream of any traveller, but it does occur to couples. They go through life believing they have solved their issues, and they are elated to finally have some time and money to get away for a week or two. Once they have reached their destination, they suddenly find their relationship is over. It is not really anyone’s fault, but they no longer have anything in common. Their partnership has been held together by the needs that have bound them, but their emotional attachment has disappeared or disintegrated into anger or contempt.

The return trip

Couples discovering they no longer have anything in common realize they will have to end their relationship when they get home, but the return trip can be one they would rather not face. They see it as moving toward their own emotional funeral, and it can be a devastating realization. They believe the failure of their current relationship could tell them everything they need to know about the possibility of any future relationships they might have, and the outlook can be very dim as they wonder if they will ever find anyone just right for them.

Separate ways

The things that draw many couples together at first are not always the things that will hold them together in later years, so finding out can often be a surprise. Many of them believe nothing basic will ever change, but their views on life will go through subtle alterations as they mature. Many partners fail to nourish their relationships during the everyday life they share, and their new lack of compatibility hits them squarely when they get away from it on holiday. It is unpleasant enough to face, but it can make them become emotionally overwrought as they struggle to navigate their separate ways once they return.

Moving ahead

It can take some time for the emotional healing to take hold, but moving ahead in life is important for both partners. One of them might find another compatible partner immediately, but the other person might not be so lucky.

It can be devastating to go on holiday with a long term partner only to find the relationship no longer works, and many couples have discovered this unpleasant fact. Some of them have found ways to overcome their differences, but it can be difficult in the modern world. Leaving a partner is no longer seen as impossible, and many have the feeling that working out the issues is a waste of time.